How can you improve the facility environment while also reducing energy costs?

OeeZee technology directly addresses this problem.

OeeZee specializes in Smart Complex Control Systems for facilities and commercial buildings.

Cut your utility expenses by 20-40% with OeeZee Smart Facility Control and Monitor System.

Heating, Cooling and Lighting are demand significant energy consumption. The Oeezee System reduces energy consumption that is normally wasted on unoccupied rooms, and regulates the temperature and lighting as needed.

OeeZee offers systems that control and monitor facilities easily – no training or complicated instructions are needed. You can control it from anywhere and access it at any times. OeeZee allows users to control each room or group of room using a single application. Installation is easily integrated with existing HVAC system.

OeeZee Cloud Monitors and Analysis system detecting the environment using collected data to provide you improvement tools to optimize your facility. The system would cut your bills from the first month.

Start your Facility Savings NOW!

Our professional engineers would work with your team to tailor our product to perfectly fit your facility requirements.

OeeZee system supports verity of protocols, standard and proprietary.

Some of the supported communication protocols:

  • Bacnet
  • Modbus TCP
  • IEC 61850
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • KNX
  • M-Bus (wired)
  • wireless M-Bus
  • eHz meters
  • IEC 62056-21
  • REST
  • SNMP
  • CSV

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Products and Solutions

  1. Climate control with zones control
  2. Light/Dimming
  3. Live Video Streaming
  4. Door and Garage lock
  5. Leak protection/Anti burst control
  6. Entertainment control
  7. Alarm and monitoring systems
  8. Cloud Analysing and Processing


Climate Control:

Climate control with zone control for a greener environment:

OeeZee systems provide the most optimized system to save you money while ensuring maximum comfort.

With multiple zones control and humidity controls you are getting the right environment you need!

Control temperature and humidity locally and remotely using our advanced calendar scheduler.

The thermostat is easily integrated with existing HVAC system



Remotely control lighting using a smart switch from anywhere using the OeeZee app control or by using the advanced calendar scheduler that can control clusters/individual lights. Dimming option also available to allow for further customization and personalization.



Live Video Streaming:

OeeZee solutions provide 24/7 Live video streaming capabilities with Cameras installed around the facility to gain full control of the facility any time, and from everywhere.


Door and Garage Lock:

OeeZee provides an easy and convenient system for controlling doors & garages.



Leak protection/Anti burst control:

OeeZee systems provide Leak protection and Anti burst control to protect your facility over the years.


Entertainment control:

OeeZee systems provide full entertainment control from the palm of your hand. OeeZee support large variety of remote control systems like audio surround sound, light shows, and more.


Alarm and monitoring systems.

OeeZee systems monitor any change or event that requires  attention. Many sensors are integrated with OeeZee HW/SW. The system constantly monitors the environment sends notifications and updates to users via email, SMS, or visually.A live stream of the environment is available upon a user’s need.


Some of the Sensors include:

  • CO sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Motion detection
  • Air quality
  • Light detection
  • Sound detection
  • Acceleration
  • Vibration
  • Power consumption


Cloud Processing