OeeZee Apps

New OeeZee Apps Release:

OeeZee released several brand new Apps with several levels of support, new GUI based technology to support PC, Android and IOS. The Apps run on your native browser and provide new level of functionality and capabilities. To enjoy the most from the new SW you might need to update your OeeZee firmware, depend on you board version. The new Apps provide new feature that you wouldn’t find it anywhere else! No programming, No network expertise, No static IP require or Dynamic DNS for controlling. Simple plug & play and you will have the best experience ever. New personalization ever like grouping per location. Select your own pictures and more!

Some of the key features:

  • App Personalization, let you to create location and to associate the control to the new locations
  • Nice background with personalized pictures.
  • Provide configured functionality for each relay: Latch of Pulse
  • Easy network support – let you use your system anywhere without static IP/DNS configuration and NO network configuration!!
  • Web portal for your individual configuration
  • Statistical and Graphical analysis tool
  • History DB up to a year for each event on the system
  • Rules control: Time, Event, Sunrise/Sunset based on your location.


Cloud base Apps options and prices

Apps screenshots