1. Light and appliances control
  2. Dimming
  3. Live video streaming
  4. AC control
  5. Entertainment control
  6. Climate control with zones control
  7. Alarm and monitoring systems


Light and appliances control

OeeZee overview video

With OeeZee control you can easily automate your home. We provide a full solution system without the complications of programming, installation and other obstacles. The systems have 3 configurations: basic, basic with SSR, and wireless touch switches for easy deployment.

  • Lights or other Appliances
  • Touch Switches
  • Wireless Touch Switches
  • Advanced Scheduler for each light
  • Wifi enabled
  • App for Iphone/Android
  • Easy to deploy
  • No programming is required
  • Plug and play




Wireless Touch Switches



Remotely control the light using a smart switch from anywhere using OeeZee app control or by using the advanced calendar scheduler that can controls clusters/individual light. A dimming option is also available to further customize/personalize lighting.



Live Video Streaming

OeeZee solutions provide 24/7 Live video streaming capabilities with Cameras installed around the facility to gain full control of the facility any time, from everywhere.


AC control

Control your AC system from anywhere using Iphone/Android App.


Entertainment control

The OeeZee systems provide full entertainment control from the palm of your hand. OeeZee supports a large variety of remote control systems such as audio surround sound systems, home theatres, and more.


Climate control

OeeZee systems provide the most optimized system to save money and ensure maximum comfort.

It controls several zones for temperature and humidity – all from one App.



Alarm and monitoring systems.

OeeZee systems monitor any change or event that requiresĀ  attention. Many sensors are integrated with OeeZee HW/SW. The system constantly monitors the environment sends notifications and updates to users via email, SMS, or visually. A live stream of the environment is available upon a user’s need.


Some of the Sensors include:

  • CO sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Motion detection
  • Air quality
  • Light detection
  • Sound detection
  • Acceleration
  • Vibration
  • Power consumption